Friday, January 1, 2010

What will 2010 bring?

Grace Wishes all of our horse com padres a very Happy New Year. May it bring many great rides and butt loads of nickers and nuzzles.

We plan on blazing many trails, getting in riding shape and the big one..wearing a pair of breaches without scaring the livestock!

This is the year that I start on my road to being a real rider. What are your goals?

Every Friday from this week on will have the weight lost for the week at the bottom of the post. I'm going to have you guys keep me honest and on track.

May your rides be long,
your poop piles small
and our horse partners Healthy

Love to you all. H. + Gracie.


  1. Grace is such a beauty! All the Best to you two in 2010!

  2. Thanks Karen!! I just adore her. Happy New Year to you!