Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rode a wild pony...

Yesterday Grace was super HOT...she was so excited to go out and ride with the cows. I swear she's a QH in a NSH body. She had one eye on the longhorns the whole time we were in the pasture.

It was an interesting ride. Good for me and for her, I am super excited about getting her out and about this summer.

We rode out to the back pasture and were going to go to the pond but there was a huge flock of geese so we decided to not temp fate and have something crazy happen if they decided to take off.

I think she could easily be an endurance horse she definitely has the speed for it, if you could keep her focused and not too worried about what was happening in the peripheral and if I could grow a pair.

Anyway we had a girls ride today and it was a lot of fun. We talked about the NAET and who was interested. I hope they all decide to do it, I think it would be a blast.

So Grace and I are going to start working on the canter this week. I have yet to ride it. Again I need to just grow a pair and go with it. My how courage falters the older you get.

But we will do it!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Since we now have wheels...

I'm thinking of trying to get a team together for the National Adult Equestrian team. It sounds like a lot of fun!!

Here is the Facebook link to the info

It's like OHSET for the 21 and over set. It sounds like a great excuse to get together with other horse people and Ride, Camp and just have a great time.

We are making plans and rolling with it!!! Literally.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Directions, Girls, and Trailers...

Earlier this week I asked JP1 to come with me to look at a trailer (my sweet husband has told me to pick one out for my birthday!)

We get lost trying to find it but when we got there I was glad JP was with me. She was a trailer inspector extrodiare. She was in it, over it, under it....She was great. We chatted with the seller for a while..okay for quite a bit found she showed us her horse she had sold and her barn and...well anyway she was quite friendly.

But she did not want to negotiate on the price as she was asking a good price for the trailer. It's in great shape just detailed and no leaks and hardly any rust. It does need new tires but I have a budget and well it was just out of it.

But after a few e-mails back and forth, we came to an agreed price and this trailer will be coming home this week. Pretty SWEET huh?

I am so excited to not have to depend on other people to go to shows and trail riding this summer!

Pretty proud of myself for holding out for the price I was willing to pay.

Who has the best hubby ever...yep that would be me! He says He'll be repaid in Heaven...and I agree!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Show..

Here is JP1 and Star...They did so great! Just had to throw in this pic!
Okay I have to say that I have been putting off posting for a couple of reasons. Number one was I didn't really know how to put into words how to express how I was feeling. Grace and I had the best time ever. Grace won a ribbon in both English classes she was entered in. The best being the 5th place ribbon in the open W/T class. My friend Kim rode her and she beat out quite a few seasoned horses to win that ribbon. It was only Gracie's 3rd time with an English saddle on her back. Rumor has it she could be quite the Circuit horse if I wanted to pursue it. (did I say I teared up/bawled like a baby when I heard her registered name announced with owner Heather Haney following after she placed?)
This was us just warming up in the ring. She was such a good girl. Not one spook during our classes. There were 28 horses in the ring it was insane!
I had friends from work, blog friends (Hi JP2 and Char), and even old Barn owners from where Gracie has lived (they even helped me groom and tack her up because I was shaking so bad). It meant the world to me to have a cheering section, even if it was my mom asking why I didn't wear the right bra (sports bra next time). I wish Gracie's trainer could have been there...she would have been so proud. We missed you Rebekah!!!

I had such a great time. I didn't care that we didn't place in our classes, it didn't even matter. In my mind I won! We have two ribbons to put on the wall and I could not be happier.

My mom had a big bouquet of flowers waiting for us by Gracie's stall when we were done with our classes and I took a deep breathe and cried (thank you mom!!! you most of all know what this meant to me) ....What I learned was you can do anything you dream of doing, it may take years but it is so, so sweet when it happens.

Oh and I can't forget my horse widowed husband...without you this dream never would have happened, and I can't thank you enough, ever.

Till next time, Show Pony Grace and the 12 year old girl who came out to play on Sat. (me)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting ready to live the dream....

So here we go, our show is in two days. We are not ready, or should I say I'm not ready, but Gracie is more than ready. I hear rumors that this is going to be a pretty big show and I could not be more excited.

I've been sent "The List" from JP1. Seem doable, bought new jeans, hat (on fence about wearing it) and have put my fear on the back burner. This is going to be FUN.

Just ask my mom, I've been waiting to do this for YEARS longer than I am willing to admit. I don't care if we win a ribbon. These Girls just wanna have fun!

My poor husband thinks I've left him I'm sure because I've been gone every night and when I come home I stink of horse and leather. (smells like heaven to me but I'm sure not everyone can relate)

Grace is going to be riding in 5 classes if all goes well, 2 english (ridden by my friend Kim) and 3 western with yours truly at the wheel. I should go back to my first posts about Grace and see what my hopes and dreams were 2 years ago.

We are living the dream baby...every day.

Wish us luck and if you can make it out to Mt. Hood Equestrian Center Gracie would love to meet you!