Monday, January 4, 2010

Look out Longhorns here we come

God I wish I took my camera with me every time I went to the barn. This past Sunday we did 2 things we have never done.

1. We ran (okay trotted) the barrel pattern in preparation for the game day coming up at the barn. It was so much fun. She did great. I don't think she has professional barrel racing in her future but she did learn the pattern pretty quickly. I learned that I need to seriously work on my balance but dang it was FUN!

And here is the biggie:

2. We rode in the big pasture OUTSIDE! Yes I finally rode Gracie outside. She was amazing nothing fazed her. We rode out with a group of gals from the barn and she was far from being herd bound or barn bound. She loved it walked out like she has been doing it for years. IT WAS what I have been waiting for for 1 1/2 years with this pony. She loved being outside and wanted to explore as much as I did.

I think we rode for like a total of 2 hours and I could barely walk when we were done but when I hopped off I swear I was walking on cloud nine.

She will be a trail horse and you know what she may even be great at it!

Don't ever let anyone tell you that a certain breed is only good for this or that..I truly believe that a horse is what you make it, and she is going to be a very well rounded horse. Our trainer has done an amazing job. I couldn't be happier!


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