Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green Horses prove you're not the rider you think you are...

I have just recently REALLY started riding Gracie, and I HURT. You would think that riding a horse is simple.

Get on
Give Kick
your off

Oh no. It's quite an art. I am learning that first hand. My biggest issue is relaxing into the saddle, I find myself (excuse the description) puckering up and being tight through the hips, which cause me to grip with my thighs which sends mixed signals to Grace. A green horse doesn't know what your asking for, or in Gracie's case she's used to having an experienced rider guide her (our trainer) but when I get on I am not strong enough or coordinated enough to have it look effortless. We are going to be working on this A LOT.

So I will be working on riding like jello. Relaxing and disengaging my hips to rock with Gracie's rhythm instead of forcing mine. Her collection is coming along for a 3 year old I'm not expecting a lot, just a little :-)

She is learning the Western Jog NSH style. Higher head and faster than the QH peanut roll.

I found the shirt for our show and am stuck on what color, solid or pattern saddle pad/blanket to get.

Here's the shirt.

What do you think, solid Lavender or a Lavender pattered blanket? I think a Field trip the the girls is in order to find the perfect one.

I think I'm obsessing a bit but I have been waiting to do this for YEARS!


  1. Green horses do have a way of bringing you back to reality. I have the same problem after riding 20 year old schoolmasters in my lessons and thinking "Oh! This is easy peasy!" and then getting on my green horse and being like "Oh, it's not."

    Except you get a bigger feeling of satisfaction once you DO get it on a greenie, even though that probably isn't the smartest way to learn.


    I think solid lavender. It depends on the pattern, but most (to me) tend to get old. Who wants to stare at paisleys every day?

  2. Cass's mom where have you been?? I Check Cass's blog often! Good to hear from you. And your right when you do get it on a green horse the feeling of accomplishment is fantastic!

    Good point regarding pattern...Hmmm cream or lavender is looking pretty good so far.