Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...Love Gracie and I

Rules for a Merry Christmas I try and live by...

1. Don't get overwhelmed.
2. Enjoy the quiet moments (even if you have to hide in a closet)
3. Remember it's about family and friends (no matter how crazy they are)
4. Everyone is stressed so smile when you want to give the finger.
5. Christmas is one day....don't count calories.
6. No one will remember who gave them the snuggie.
7. And most of all remember to be good to yourself...because taking care of everyone else is hard work and we deserve that glass or two of wine and a hardy pat on the back. (and let's not forget that sparkly eyeliner we snuck in the shopping cart because a little sparkle in your stocking should make every mom happy I know it will me.)

To you and yours, Laugh as much as you breathe and Love as long as you live...

Heather and Gracie

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Something happened today...

That I really wish I could post about but it seems pretty controversial in the horse world and I'd rather not get into any debate.

But I wanted to say that Grace and I bonded today. It was an amazing experience that was extremely emotional at least for me.

I want to thank Cowboy Joe and my BO for probably the most amazing few minutes I have ever spent with a horse.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Cold to..well do just about anything.

It's been so cold here the only barn time I've had is to run a kick chain up to the barn, feed an apple and head tail home.

Yes I did say kick chain.

Reason..Grace doesn't appreciate the money that was spent on her warm winter blanket and likes to kick out at the back straps. Her stall is new, new wood wall with all the amenities. The BO doesn't appreciate Graces ability to destroy the planks just because she gets a hiney tickle from the blanket straps. Plus I don't want Grace to hurt herself in one of her moments of lost sanity.

So our solution is a kick chain to give her a little kick back.

Wondering if anyone else has ever used one. I hear they work wonders. Not to expensive either.

So I hope everyone is ready for Christmas because lord knows I'm not. I should be wrapping presents as I write this but I can't seem to get motivated.

So spike your eggnog and have a great week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Sale...

So my husband let me buy a new to me saddle..the Crates reiner of my dreams. It's lovely and so comfortable as it's already broken in. You can kind of see it in the pic above.

But on the down side I have been given the directive to sell my Circle Y. So if you know anyone looking for a Walnut 15 inch Circle Y park and trail send 'em my way.

Looks JUST Like this one. Suede seat and all. Also have matching headstall if interested.

In other news I rode Grace yesterday for the first time since the Trail show. She is doing great. Extremely responsive to the leg even starting to neck rein. Amazing. She has been out in the big pasture and seems to really enjoy riding outside of the arena. Trail riding is not just a pipe dream anymore.

Oh and the bridle issue is GONE. She was eating the bit when I tacked her up on Sat. It was so nice to have her not fight me or the bit. The mouthing of the bit is also lessening with hours. So all baby stuff that will hopefully work themselves out eventually with just a little patience.

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying a hot toddy, as my Great - Grandmother would say. Get those Snuggies out and don't forget one for fido!