Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LOL Catz...

Okay I have this cat. When I found him he was this sweet tiny, tiny, tiny kitten. He was so tiny I just couldn't leave him at the shelter knowing what his fate would be. So I took him and another little female calico home with me that day, not knowing the hell that owning a cat brings.

Sorry enough of my pity party over nasty kitty litter, putting on claw covers so that my furniture doesn't get more destroyed and the circling at dinner time...
My chicken little kitten turned into this - I sh!t you not a 31.5 lbs poop machine that doesn't really fit in the cat box anymore. He has his own Mii on the Wii Fit so we did the body test and I about died when his weight popped up, I almost died because I had to hold him for 30 seconds. Let's put this weight into perspective...our 2 year old only weighs 32 lbs.

He's so big we've had to remove the lid to the litter box because he didn't fit in the door, he actually got stuck in it and I had to pull it off of him. (Note the shoes next to him are size 12 men's burki's)

When he lays on his side kinda Jabba-ish, like a distant cousin.

His name is Porter....and he is HUGE....

P.S. I will never own another cat for the rest of my life. DOGS Rule.

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