Friday, January 29, 2010

Had a goal, need new one!

I'm the queen of dieting, I know all the tricks and use them all to my advantage. I've been dieting half of my life it feels like. So when I start a diet I don't dwell on the big number, you know the final goal wgt I dream of, I set little goals for myself.

Well I am so happy to report that Goal number 1 was reached this morning. I have lost my first 20 lbs. YEAH ME! So since I can't do my normal and reward myself with food..what do you think a good reward would be? Manicure? Pedicure? A new pair of shoes? Hmmm, maybe all of the above!

It's been really rough this week. I started a new job and there are lots of treats in the break room, pretzels, choco covered raisins, animal cookies, the best Thai place right out the front door, oh and lets not forget the donuts. Good god it's like goodie heaven. A obstacle course of useless calories (my favorite kind). But I overcame the temptation this week and it paid off!

I can do's hard and damn I want a DQ bacon burger and onion rings...but not enough to through me off of this track I'm on right now.

-4 lbs total -20 lbs (whoop whoop)

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