Monday, June 14, 2010

Days with no horses...

Do Octopus get cranky this one looks kinda cranky. Wouldn't want to run into him on a dark beach.

Good words of advice on the t-shirt above, I am deathly afraid of Tsunami' could happen.
We went to Newport Bay for lunch and a trip to the Aquarium...and we picked the only restaurant on the Oregon coast that does NOT serve fish and chips. I loves me some fish and chips.
My youngest offspring...the beach brings out the best in my babies. I want to burn these faces into my brain, for when I want to run screaming from my own home, remember, remember...
My two youngest angels...I hope they always know joy like this.
I live a good life.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We went it alone...almost.

Today was a big test for Gracie and I. A friend invited us to go on a trail ride with her and who was I to say being still a little nervous about trailering Grace single, I asked a barn friend if she wanted to bring her gelding along for a ride.

I hooked up the trailer, loaded the ponies and off we went. I wish I had pictures but I forgot the camera when I was rushing out the door.

I was concerned because I hadn't ridden Grace since our trip to the Sandy Delta a couple of weeks ago, but again she washed all of those concerns out the window she did awesome!!

Bridge crossing, check, muddy inclines, check, deer, check...No problem for Gracie the wonder horse.

I'll be watching her feet because the weather has been WET to say the least and I'm a little worried that her feet were too soft to be out on some of the rocky footing they have out there.

I could not have asked for better company and a better older, seasoned horse. Who needs a been there done that when I have my Gracie...

What a way to round out this weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stuff from Around the barn...

My husband let me take the good Camera to the barn the other day and I was just taking random pics..these are a few of my favorites.
Here is Grace in the background wondering if I have any treats...nope never mind then.
This is Chip she's a training horse at the barn. She's very photogenic..
I think this is Nova...but I could be wrong (BO has a few sorrel pony's), she's one of the BO's cutting QH's. She loved having her picture taken.