Saturday, July 31, 2010


New BEST BARN FRIEND FOREVER needed. Forever is optional...

I met this girl when I responded to a Dreamhorse add. She had a Black and White pinto that had a trot as smooth as butter.

I remember the first time I went out to meet her at her barn I was so nervous she wanted whoever was going to buy her pony to take a lesson or two with the Barn owner to make sure it was a good fit. She was pretty attached to this pony.

I remember when I left that barn that night I cried because I thought I had found "THE ONE" but buyers remorse had set in a bit even before I decided to buy..then I received an E-mail the next day. I can't remember the wording but I think it was something like....'So Do you want her or not.'

I remember thinking....dang this girl is pushy. But what I didn't know at the time was she was selling "THE ONE" it was her one..and from that day on we have been friends. I have followed her from barn to barn because her research was impeccable and I always knew I could trust my pony anywhere she could trust hers.

But also because I liked her...But now she's leaving not only the barn but going to the Great White North. Alaska.

So I need someone to fill her shoes so if you think you're up for it then these are the requirements

1. Takes no Crap
2. Know's stuff about horses
3. Is always there no matter what with sugar cookies from McDonalds.
4. Answers dumb horse questions without making me feel like a dumb ass. (well at least most of the time)
5. Can gossip without judgement
6. Gets me
7. Plans silly girls night out and is the Designated Driver
8. Can pick up right where we left off after not having time to speak for days/weeks...
9. Will go to a horse shows and cheer me on from the stands or in the ring
10. Will pick me up and take me to the Canby Tack sale for the price of a Mocha
11. Can make unicorn cupcakes with glitter sprinkles...

So if you Think you can fill those shoes then step on up...

Jocelyn, you have been the best mentor a Green horse girl could have. You were there the first time I saw Grace, the first time I sat on Grace, our first show...

I guess this means it's time to put on my big girl panties and head out on my own...begrudgingly.

I hope Alaska brings you all the adventure you can can hadle. Know that you will forever have a spot in my heart...

So here's to you...Ride on Sister, and look out for moose and Grizzly bears.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Good news my hubby ordered a new point and shoot camera for me today. I've been without one for a while and I really could have used one this weekend.

This is the one we bought the Samsung TL220.

I am really looking forward to taking lots of pictures while we are out on the trail.

So on Sat. we trailered out to McGiver State park and met with my friend Julie and her Dressage horse. It was my favorite kind of ride...uneventful with the exception of the momma Deer that was blocking the trail. We stared at her for a bit moved the horses forward and her two little baby twin fawns popped out of the woods onto the trail. The horses did great. Momma Deer moved on and we passed by the twins I'd say within 20 feet or so. It was relaxing and sooo good to get out and ride. Gracie had quite the workout. Being a pasture princess hasn't been very good for her fitness level. We are going to change that if I have anything to say about it.

Oh and I hooked up the trailer by myself and parked it back where it belonged at the ranch in between two other trailers. GOOO me. I can do this.

So today I had heard a rumor that there was a trail ride posse heading out from the ranch today so I called to see if it was still on. It was if I was willing so I threw on my jeans and boots and hit the ranch. It ended up just being another boarder and I but that was fine it was a good ride. About a mile of gravel road and then miles and miles of BLM trails.

The PNW is one of the most beautiful places on earth and my ride today proved that. It was HOT here today but in the forest it was probably a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Grace was alert but spooked a couple of times but it was pretty much again my favorite kind of ride uneventful.

I can't wait to share pictures of our rides in the future. It was an amazing weekend of breathtaking scenery and even better company!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The boxes in the corner and a beaded dress

There are these boxes, two or three of them that have been sitting in the corner of the kitchen. I pass by them day after day.

Looking at them, dreading them, knowing that if I opened them I would be making a commitment. A commitment to myself.

They are boxes of Medifast that I ordered a few months ago. I've been telling myself that I'll go back on..that I need to do it for my 20 year reunion, but now that's only two weeks away so that goal flew out the window.

But then, I found the formal dress for the cruise Hubby and I are going on in Nov. Let me tell you it was a GREAT DEAL we are talking SMOKIN' deal...but alas a size too what does a smart girl like me do.

I buy the dress of course a beautiful beaded number that will look amazing with a sun kissed tan and some gorgeous golden high heel shoes.

Then I come home walk over to the boxes, stare at them and make a commitment, once again, to myself. 4 mths. I ask myself how much can I loose in 4 mths?

That was last Thurs. So as of today I am down 9 lbs. First week is water wgt mostly but I don't care. 9lbs is 9lbs

so from the famous 80's band Whitesnake....

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Goddess...

The Goddess is loved by most of the other horses and most people.

(True) - Gracie get's along great with the other horses...and people too, she is a very social animal

They are expressive and sensitive and emotional.

(True) - Gracie is so expressive I can tell instantly if something is not right. She let's me know immediately if she is not happy or something is physically not right. The last show we were at I was in the warm up ring and she was telling me something was wrong..low and behold her cinch had been folded wrong on the off side.

You will know how they feel.

(True) - Every day

They try very hard to please and will worry and be anxious if you are not happy with them.

(True) - She is very eager to please and tries so hard to learn new things. When she knows she's in trouble she wants to make up immediately.

In the negative they can have scattered energy that is hard to get focused.

(OMG Sooo TRUE) Getting her to focus is like trying to ride a greased pig some days. She's just so interested in everything around her.

This personality can be loved on as much as you want.

Thank god cuz she get's LOT's and LOT's of lovin'

Take the Horse personality Quiz and see how your pony does.