Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lot's of things going on....

Well I resigned from UPS after working for them for 9 years. I'll be starting a new job on the 25th. It's a weird feeling starting over but I am very excited about it. Okay more than a little excited.

I have sent off our entry for our first show. An All Breed Open Horse show to benefit The Arabian and Half Arabian Club of Oregon. Grace is entered in 5 classes. I'm a bit nervous but I've been going an watching my friends show there ponies for years now and now it's my time. If you want to come out and support us it will be at the Mt Hood Equestrian Center on March 13th.

29450 SE Lariat Ln
OR 97009

Off of 26 towards Mt. Hood.

Gracie and I will be riding in the afternoon. JP1 has been kind enough to let my oldest daughter show Star in Showmanship! I can't wait to watch her it will be quite an experience for us.

So I'm on the lookout for a show shirt and a new pad. It's actually a little overwhelming. So we have a lot of work to do in 7 weeks. And not to make it any more nerve wracking is that Gracie's breeder will be the judge.

So on to this weeks wgt loss...okay I have to admit I cheated once. And it shows in my loss for this week.

-2 lbs total -12 lbs in two weeks.

I promised myself I am not falling off the wagon again, no matter how much the Cheeseburgers call to me! I must get in show shape!


  1. I want to come watch. Maybe I can talk hubby into showing Bay! He'd need to start practicing though. He isn't riding enough.

  2. Charlotte, you must come out if you can! It will be a blast!

    Thanks JP1 I am oh so excited about it! You need to remind me how to get my stall near you guys!