Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...Love Gracie and I

Rules for a Merry Christmas I try and live by...

1. Don't get overwhelmed.
2. Enjoy the quiet moments (even if you have to hide in a closet)
3. Remember it's about family and friends (no matter how crazy they are)
4. Everyone is stressed so smile when you want to give the finger.
5. Christmas is one day....don't count calories.
6. No one will remember who gave them the snuggie.
7. And most of all remember to be good to yourself...because taking care of everyone else is hard work and we deserve that glass or two of wine and a hardy pat on the back. (and let's not forget that sparkly eyeliner we snuck in the shopping cart because a little sparkle in your stocking should make every mom happy I know it will me.)

To you and yours, Laugh as much as you breathe and Love as long as you live...

Heather and Gracie

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