Friday, February 27, 2009

So I love our barn but...

Sometimes I wonder....For a barn with only 3 boarded horses the arena sure can get full fast! And it's a huge arena.

This is what it felt like.......see pic.

So many chiefs too..'I wouldn't do that'...'I would do it this way'. Horses everywhere. And don't get me wrong I like kids I even have a couple. But its no fun when you have an agenda and the kids are just wandering around with no plan really just wandering.

And if your horse doesn't want to do the damn bridge don't force it...walk away and come back to it.

But my sweet pony did great even with all the craziness. She stayed focused on me which is all I can ask for.

We worked on standing by the mounting block...Grace is almost 16h and I am a bitty 5/4 so she's gonna have to get used to it as some point. We also worked the bridge last night super fun She did great.

Heading out to the barn again tonight I'll try and get some blog posts with pics.

BBFF is bringing me some STARBUCKS...can you say rockstar!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wanting to learn more!

I have been looking for books and am failing miserably. I want/need books on training with pictures. I would love to find a book that didn't assume I was working with a young colt/filly. I would love to find a book with info on bridling and starting a horse from the ground up..(again with pictures) I'm a very visual person.

And it would help if it had lots of ground work exercises. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

I think working with Grace all last week has helped us immensely. She wasn't the spookalicious pony she had been, she was paying attention and wanting to do what I asked. Best of all she was calm. I think I've also relaxed quite a bit, and I think that is rubbing off as well.

Like I've said before I'm not really a follower of any in particular training method..but I'll use what's working for the things I'm asking her to do. Last week we were using some Perelli and she seemed to really take to it. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and work with her some more.

If anyone has any ideas on good bit to start Grace with please leave a comment and let me know.
I'm ordering this one to see if she like it.

Korsteel Flexi Flavored Mullen Mouth Full Cheek Snaffle

If anyone has used this I would love to hear what you think of it.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lions ,Tigers or Bears...oh my, or just the barn dog.

So tonight was another night of my version of Slow the F down games with Gracie.

Cluck, Walk - point

And Hallelujah she did it. Slow walk from the first send off

Cluck, Walk - point other direction, wiggle the stick a bit...and off she went nice calm walk...crazy.

Who is this horse, and where is my psycho pony.

Oh wait what was that over there in the dark abyss outside of the arena....Oh God...freak out to the left...forget mom is here.... Freak out to the right....Snort... oh here she is......psycho pony has returned....all due to not a lion, tiger or a bear but just Tyson one of the barn dogs hunting rabbits I'm sure.

So after about a half hour of trying to get her back to focusing on me and then some more walking between barrels...emphasis on walking....we called it a night. I was just glad to have her go to the edge and be able to come back and focus on me.

I left her blanket off tonight because the weather is supposed to be so nice tomorrow. I hope she's not to chilly overnight.

I've decided that I have got to get out to the barn at least every other night and play with her. I guess a kind of Parelli but not really...I have had a great time with my horse the last couple of nights and just watching her progress just with the little bit we are doing is so addictive!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is she smoking and where can I get some?

So I went to the barn tonight and got home and checked my Facebook page and found this craziness written on my Wall (homepage type thing) from some cuckoo trainer...

'I invite you into my world of Bridless riding. No saddle. No bridle. just love . Join me. Beautiful honor & respect I send to you. thank you for friendship... I hope the time you spend with me in my beautiful world will not only benefit you, but also all those, both horse and human for the rest of your life ..... . If you are ... Read Morelooking for something more in the world ........ if you know it’s out there somewhere ....... If you are ready to go there with your horse ...... join me and let the magic begin'

This was a note written by someone that must be high. ARE you kidding me. She must be high right? Seriously. Who writes this stuff. Obviously she has never met a high strung A-rab mare like Grace.

Good God. I am speechless.

Anyhoo on good note Grace and I had a good night tonight..

What did I learn? My horse has one Speed on a long line. FAST and out of control. So we are working on moving forward slow and calm. By the end of our session my arms are tired and Grace has figured out that walking isn't so bad. I also learned that EVEN Grace can have a blanket that goes over her head and she won't kill me and the blanket won't kill her.

So here's to a good night at the barn.

Oh one more thing....She still takes my breath away...she is probably the prettiest horse I have ever seen. Feminine and just really well put together. Tooting her horn..Toot Toot!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's been a while...

I haven't posted for awhile because there is absolutely nothing going on. I've been going out to the barn and just hangin' with Grace. Not really doing much.

I went out last night and made supplement bags, groomed and had a great conversation with Gracie. We talked about my plans for her and I filled her in on how she was going to LOVE all the big girl stuff she was going to learn. We talked about how she was going to love going in the trailer and going to shows and out to the beach. It was a good talk.

She's a very attentive listener. Really doesn't complain much.

She does like to be in my space so we have really been working hard on personal space. Even in her stall.

Anyway I'll be checking in on all of you here soon! Hope all is well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random things...a'la Facebook

I was tagged on Facebook and thought I would post my random 25 things about me here too...

1. I was named after a character on the soap opera General Hospital.
2. I am prematurely Grey I blame my ex husband.
3. I am too lazy to color often enough for everyone not to know about #2.
4. For my 35th birthday I took the motorcycle safety Foundation class and got my endorsement.
5. I haven't once used my endorsement although I think chicks on bikes are HOT.
6. I have kissed a girl, and my husband liked it.
7. I can't believe I have 3 kids. (only one was planned, you'd think I would have figured it out)
8. I met my husband at a party, I wasn't going to go to but decided "What the hell" at the last minute. It changed my life.
9. I hate confrontation. And will mostly avoid it at all costs. NOT.
10. I am addicted to Reality shows. I've seen every season of the Real World EVERY ONE.
11. I have to watch Scary Movies during the day.
12. I have serious trust issues. My husband is curing me of that.
13. I go to work to socialize.
14. I dream of winning the lottery.
15. Since it's the SuperBowl today I'll tell ya'll this. I only watch for the commercials.
16. I like to think I have a lot of friends. But my Husband is truly my best Friend.
17. I'm a smoker. And I hide it from my kids.
18. Joel and I haven't been on our honeymoon yet.
19. I had not been in contact with anyone from HS until I landed on FB.
20. I have a cowboy boot addiction as well. (I'm starting to think I need Rehab)
21. I wish I was clever and could think of some really great things to tell you.
22. I never stayed at one school longer than a year until I hit CHS.
23. I'm deathly afraid of sharks.
24. I believe in reincarnation. (I was an Indian princess in a past life, what were you?)
25. I love the line in The Empire Strikes Back when Han solo is getting freeze dried and P. Leia says - "I love you" and Han says "I know" Makes me laugh every time!!!