Thursday, January 21, 2010

I found IT!!

TA DA...what do ya'll think? I think it's going to look fabu on Gracie. So now I totally have to get on this WL thing. It's going well. Tomorrow will be official weigh in so I'll hold off on the total.

I have to say it hasn't been easy but the Wii is a great motivator and using the FIT has been a blast.

Grace and I had a crazy ride last night with the wind howling and Gracie pulling out the Llama impersonation it wasn't overly fun. She was a ball of dynamite so I didn't push it too far.

But today was a different story the weather was beautiful and she was working the wall very well. I was relaxing in the hiney and had a good relaxed seat. Her trot is getting better and it's not as hard to keep her moving forward. We are working on her getting collected and staying collected at the trot. It's coming along.

We went out and rode in the front pasture and it was so nice! Just wandered around and saw the sites.

Looking forward to a long grooming session and ride tomorrow.

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