Friday, July 10, 2009

Parade...I go to see the Horses...

Okay so the picture below I just thought was's for vacation bible school. Notice the dinosaur on the float? Evolution and Vacation Bible School...huh interesting concept for marketing.
Okay I have learned to respect horses and their training. Until you own a green horse you will never know the work that goes into getting the horse so trusting that it will follow this, a motorcycle doing burn outs....on a street lined with people waving silly balloons and blowing annoying horns...
These Percheron's were beautiful. They were had two youngsters ponied on the back of the's amazing how big these animals are...Lovely animals. I do have to say there was a grey Percheron that came before these loveys and she was obviously lame on the left front. Had the tell tale head bob going on and the off step up front. But she was a trooper and was pulling her cart doing her job...wanting to please. I love Drafts!
Here are a couple Rodeo queens...not parade is a parade with out a few of these. The paint was a lovely horse!!
And here is the Mollola Rodeo Queen..very pretty girl and her horse was turned out beautifully. In the parade before these horses was a white dove that was on long sticks with a billowy tail up in the air about 15 feet.. Again the training that goes into getting these horses to accept these crazy situations is baffling to me...and I take my hat off to the people doing all the work!!
This paint gelding was not really overly pleased to be in the parade...he was giving his rider a little bit of trouble. Watching these horsemen though you would never know that there was anything going on if you didn't know what the horses posture was truly saying. The gentleman riding the nice sorrel gelding was great at getting the paint to pay attention to his mount. He had obviously been there done that before!
It was a beautiful night and all I can say is it would have been perfect if I hadn't felt like absolute dog SH!T. Summer colds suck and I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy if I had one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My husband is teasing me...with Someday...

With RLMS listings of homes in the area with horse property...the cost of property in our area is crazy least compared to what it was when we bought our house 3 years ago...for an extra 60g's we could have purchased a nice home on at least 5 acres....AT LEAST!!

I don't even want to think about the dive in equity our home has taken in the last few months...

He sent me a listing for a gorgeous farmhouse...barn, remodeled kitchen...ah someday..When DH and I first met we had so many "Someday's"

We have seen so many of the "Someday's" that we dreamed about when we first started dating..

Someday we would move out of our crappy little two bedroom apartment...

Someday we'll have nice cars again (Divorce can be brutal)

Someday we'll get married...

Someday he'll have that motorcycle he's always wanted..

Someday I'll have my dreamhorse...

All of those somedays have come to pass....and they have been amazing!

Someday we will own property and I will be able to look out off of my back porch and see Grace grazing with pony's we have adopted for our kids...

What is your Someday?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My happy Place...

I have to start this off by saying I am the exhausted mother of 4 children...2 from a previous marriage..a 12 year old Daughter and a 8 year old husbands 8 year old daughter from a previous marriage and our unexpected piece of sunshine our almost two year old daughter....So needless to say my life can get crazy and with out the never ending support of my Fantastic husband this super expensive hobby of mine would not be all you mothers out there that are also horse crazy women...give the support systems in your life a big standing Ovation..without mine my horse dreams would not be possible!

This morning I decided to head out to the barn early, the weather here in the PNW has been crazy I hopped in the pick up. Turned on the Country music..I think there was a Carrie Underwood song playing, rolled down the windows and hit the road. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting....people waving as they were walking there was a nice older couple out for a stroll on the country road..big smiles and a nice "Good Mornin"

Freshly cut hay bailed and ready for stacking...amazing.

Grace always seems happy to see me...she greets me in her stall and nickers if I don't greet her before getting our gear de'jour out. She is off of Super 14 right now and started on Healthy Coat... it has made her coat smooth and oh so glossy she looks amazing!!! I think it may also be helping with her tail rubbing issue. one was out at the barn so I decided to man up and ride alone...I was going to use my new Circle Y saddle that I just traded my show saddle for but realized I need an Off Billet...Coastal here we come.

The new trail saddle is a 12 year old Circle Y Park and Trail. It is in fantastic shape. I never would have guessed it to be a 1997 model. It looks JUST LIKE THIS..

with a perfect amount of wear..anyway it was a great trade I think..I'll get some real pics once I get it on her for a ride.

But back to my anyway I manned up and mounted with no one in the arena or holding Grace. She did perfect...she didn't move a muscle, flex left, flex right...and off we go. It was great...walk this way, walk that way..trot off, Whoa...the Buffalo did give her a more of a spook today than on past encounters...but otherwise not one issue. She seems to enjoy our rides and is extremely tolerant and patient with me.

Our next step is to leave the comfort of the arena and head out into the wild blue yonder..or in our case just meander around the barn just to see how she does.

I put her out to pasture when we were done and I even got the over the shoulder "See Ya" as I was leaving...this horse is just so special.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Equitrekking....some day....

This is a fantastic show on OPB that my DH records for me every week...she travels all over the world and rides with locals to check out the local sites and some great markets etc..

Since I've been watching this show I have decided that someday I would love to ride in Ireland, Eastern Canada and believe it or not Turkey...They have some lovely Arabians that I would love to do some trekking on.

If you love to travel and would love to ride while your traveling you should definitely check this out.

So when I win the lottery don't come looking for me I'll be out Equitrekking!!

So my question to you is, if you were going Equitrekking...where would you go?