Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Christmas wish list....

LuCkY HoRse sHoE NEckLace at Gypsyville. Love this...

And this hat is from the same site. Momma always Tries!

oKay I love anything thing from Gypsyville.

I am also on the hunt for the perfect purse. I know my husband thinks that one or two bags is enough but just like shoes, you can never have enough, ever.

#429 Teal with orange tear drops, round conchos, horse rein handles

Here is da's on the spendy side but I love anything Diamond 57 makes. I saw her stuff at a craft fair this summer and fell head over heals. She makes these gorgeous bags from cowboy boots. They are to die for. The pictures just don't do them any justice.

I have been drooling over her stuff since the first time I laid eyes on them. Any of them would work. I'm not picky when it comes to these bags!

This one is another favorite.

#586 Black leather purse with red accents

Oh and one last thing. A new saddle blanket. Just because they are purty.


I really liked this one since it kinda looks like flames.

And this show blanket is gorgeous too..

I just love the colors.

Oh well, this is my wish list. Everyone should have one.

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  1. LOve the flame saddle pad. !
    Your new header is fabulous! So cute!