Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stay tuned...America's next Top Model Equine Edition coming soon....

I can not week Gracie and I have a photo shoot scheduled, time for a good clip and bath to get camera ready.

I went to a party at a friends house a couple of weeks ago and she had some stunning shots of her and her horse...large framed prints that were just amazing.

So I said...'T, who did these pics of you and Paisley, they are beautiful'

T says...'Well I know someone who is starting up and she only charges $80 bucks for the sitting and the CD with all of the photo's....'

I almost immediately called Jen and scheduled out photo shoot. Now mind you I haven't even had professional pics of my two year old sweet baby girl taken..

But as you can see from most of my pics on the blog when I ask Gracie to pose she thinks I'm asking for a Mule impersonation. No Grace be elegant...more Mule....Gracie please look statuesque and feminine....more Mule...

So I will for sure be updating out banner pic and if you are interested in your pony being a contestant..I will for sure pass on Jen's info.

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