Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where's Gracie?? Can YOU find her?

Can you see her? That's her splitting the cows...IN THE PASTURE...Can you believe it? She loved chasing the cows! She went out in the BIG pasture today for the first time and did GREAT!
This one is a little harder to see...her but she was having a great time.
Grace did fantastic. I was so proud of her and and very excited about her progress. Her trainer is doing great things with her...especially since she is a QH trainer and this is her first NSH that she has ever trained. I think they are both learning a lot from one another.

Tomorrow is the big day for our photo shoot. Gracie had spa day today....hair cut and shave...and the dreaded bath. When ever I worry about something she always shocks me...she did great with the clippers on her bridle path. What an amazing horse she is turning into.

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