Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gracie the National Show 'Cow' horse...

As you all know Grace is in training at a Cutting barn...I know silly for a NSH but then again she's not in training for cutting the trainer is also an amazing trail trainer...just getting a good base put on Gracie...

So I thought this was funny.

She's in training to get ready for trail season next year, so our BO (who is her trainer) noticed she had some interest in the training flag she uses on her cutting horses. It looks like this -
Work that flag Grace....from what I hear she did great. Who knew a SB would like to chase things, like scary white flappy flags. She will eventually be put on a real cow just to see how she does and keep her mind active.

Next week l start having a lesson a week on Grace which I am very excited about because I haven't been able to ride her since she's started training. I didn't want to confuse her with my greenie ways. Time for me to get serious about some things, like the dirty 'D' word (Diet). I need to gain some strength in my legs and since I'm doing that I might as well drop a couple of dress sizes...

So there's a lot going on at the barn..a Charity Trail Class show for a kid that needs heart surgery. I think it will be a ton of fun it will be Gracie's first show. I think we are going to do In Hand Trail and Jr. Horse. Wish us luck. There will also be a bake sale and raffle. I'm pretty excited about it.

Then Drill is starting up at the barn. The barn is a busy place these days. Although I've been kind of avoiding it this week after Sundays SB conversation. Better to stay away then say something I'll regret later.

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