Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's the breed....

Did you know that all Saddlebred and Saddlebred cross's,

1. Continuously play with the bit
2. Spook unpredictably
3. Kick in there stalls
4. Don't like their blankets
5. Are flighty
6. Can't be trail horses
7. Can only do English, without a mountain of extra training.
8. Eat their Hay funny

Well from my limited experience the fact that "The Breed" is crazy can be said for just about any breed. I know that Grace is different from the other horses in the barn..and I know that she can be spirited, she is only 3 after all. I have faith that she will blaze trails with me in the future, that's why she's in training. Not for me to be told that she will never be perfect. Is any horse perfect? Can any horse spook unpredictably? Sure...are Grace and I both Green? You bet. But I plan on sticking this partnership out. She'll be exposed to various different things, trails, some open shows, some play days..and I think that will make her a better all around horse in the long run.

She's in training till the beginning of the year. To get miles on her and get her to move out and learn baby lessons that I can't teach her.

I don't expect her to be a seasoned trail horse but I hope that she has gained some confidence and will have a great foundation to build on.

I do wish that people with opinions would sometimes keep them to themselves..especially when it comes to breed prejudice.

Oh for I went out to watch Gracie's workout and the BO also had her pad-a-wan out working one of the QH's...and they decided to work on the dreaded "taking off of the windbreaker while mounted" well here is when the BO would think that the SB cross would flip a gasket and loose her mind..but wouldn't you know the SB cross had 1/8th of the freak out that the QH did... It must be the breed....Gracie even had the jacket over her head and did just fine! (wish I had a picture of that one)

Just needed to vent...P.S. I love the breed...quirks and all

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  1. Amen sister, AMEN. Blu was fearless and I mean FEARLESS. She was the best behaved on the beach trip, the DeSPooking Clinic etc. There were APHA , AQHA you full ay-rhabs that were having full on meltdowns while she was cool as a cucumber.

    You get out there and love your pony and screw what others say!