Tuesday, November 17, 2009

America's Next Top Equine Model...Auditions..episode 1

GRACE......Super Model in the making

The Action Shot....umm just warming up....she was worried she looked a little fat.
Profile pic with the always flirtatious pout (check out that lower lip)
The full body shot....SEXY....Check out those legs....the other girls at the barn love to hate Grace for these assets.
The artsy shot....B&W's are always so flattering.

And the money shot....this one is "THE" one...Cover girl! She has made the cut and will be grooming for her shot in the spotlight next week! If these are any indication of her potential as a Super Model....She's a shoe in!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I would like to have some of my horse!

  2. Thanks I thinks she's quite special myself! If you are in the PNW I can give you the photographers name and number!