Sunday, January 25, 2009

What would you do?

I'm going to make a list of pro's and con's about trading Grace for a horse that is able to ride now. I've been tossing it around for a while now...and I still don't know what to do. So I'm going to do what my mom told me to do when deliberating important goes.

Getting a horse that can ride now.
Getting Grace into a competitive show home (hopefully) her pedigree and confirmation deserve it.
Being able to ride now. (oh did I say that already)
I won't kill myself trying to break her out.

Getting a horse of lesser quality. (trading quality for training)
Grace is Sweepstakes Nominated but really what does that mean to me?
Grace and I are pretty bonded. A joy of the Arab breed.
Grace is a Healthy horse great feet...not knowing what you'd be getting is a crap shoot.
I love Grace
I would miss Grace

My Dream horse.

6 and 10 years old
Splash Overo
I like the blue eyes
Bald face
over 15h
Mare or Gelding
No Spook
Good Feet
Color doesn't matter
Easy to catch
Fun to ride

So there you go. I don' know what to do I think Grace is too good of a horse for me. With me she will never go to her full potential. Maybe I'm just having an off day because I adore her. But in reality it's true she's too good for me.


  1. Oooohhhh, that's tough!

    Maybe you should list your dream horse by important characteristics, the most important item being number one, then cross-reference that list with Grace's negative and positive attributes. You may find that she's just not the horse for you -- or maybe she is the perfect horse for you, but you just want to be able to ride -- which you should be able to do this year, right? What are your goals -- trails, showing, a project?

    In your writing, you sound like you're lacking confidence in yourself as a horse person. Grace needs a confident leader. In your writing when you overcome an obstacle, you're a lot more confident and Grace does well -- with the bitting for instance. She really feeds off of you, which is typical for a timid horse. If you can instill this confidence in yourself, you and Grace might be a great team, afterall.

    I know it sounds stupid, but you can "fake confidence" and it will come across as "real confidence." People and animals feed off of it and they don't know you're faking it and the more you fake it, the more they believe it and the more you believe it, too. Instead of saying you can't do something, say you can. Instead of thinking about how Grace is going to be bad about something, tell yourself she's going to be great! Try it for a week and I bet you'll see improvement in yourself and in Grace.

  2. Julie,

    You are exactly right it's not Grace it's me. My confidence level is not what it should. Grace is an amazing horse and I adore her. She is teaching me patience. Something I have a short supply of. If I just wait Gracie will be amazing...absolutely amazing.

    I love your comment and you couldn't have been more on the mark.

    Thanks Julie


  3. So have you decided to keep her? I remember too, someone saying to picture in your mind what it is you want your horse to do, if you picture what you don't want them to do, they don't read the "don't" part and will likely end up doing what you didn't want them to do because that is what you were picturing in your mind. Not saying they read the pictures in your mind exactly, just, if you have the right picture in you head you'll act like that picture is happening, making it more likely to happen.

    I hope that made at least a teeny bit of sense.

  4. Froglander, you do make some sense. I can't see my self getting rid of her. I think it would have to be a pretty amazing trade to for me to do it.

    I actually was talking to someone last night about this same thing..and I'm going to try and work on it tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes.