Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WTF...Day of Beauty my a$$

So I took the day off work today to watch the inauguration and just relax. I have a pretty stressful job in IT for UPS and sometime I just need a mental health day. But I digress... So after lounging around for a while (really working from home because I just can't get a full day off) I decided I was going to head out and do some girly stuff just for me.

So off I go to the little nail shop and I get my nails done..perfect length and a great deep dark purple color. Looks smashing if I do say so myself.

This is where it goes wrong very, very, wrong....

The little Asian lady leads me into her lair all sweet and talking like she knows what she's doing....Dear lay down here....turns on the bright, blinding light and goes to town. After the ripping out of the hair I really didn't think anything until she hands me the mirror and I see this...THE HORROR

WTF....what happened to my eye brows....they look like they belong to two different people...OMG. And me being the passive looser that I am I paid the lady and walked out. AND I GAVE HER A TIP. So just shoot me now. I've got to go cut some bangs...so I'll talk to you later. Shit.


  1. OMG... You wernt kidding! I have eff'd up my brows before, but that is just crazy! I wouldnt have paid her!

    Oh Doll I am so sorry :( Dont cut bangs, use a brow pencil for a while.

  2. I don't think they look bad.

    Do a before and after.

  3. OMG mmmm maybe JP1 Will let you borrow the chef hat and go get a good pencil!!

  4. OMG -- that happened to me too!