Friday, January 9, 2009

Random things...

With a little help from my friends and peppermint wipes...Grace had a bit in her mouth but I found out that the Bridle I have for her is HUGE. She is half Saddlebred so you would think her knoggin' might be a bit bigger but I think her tiny head must be the Arab in her.

Anyway she took it really well, but there always has to be a but right...We must work on Desensitization...that is my goal for the winter...playing the friendly game and just getting her to be not so fright and flight minded. She is so worries me that she will ALWAYS be that way. I would love to hear about other horses that started out this way and were successful at being able to spook in place and not always being ready to bolt in a panic at the first sign of something scary. I hope she is able to trust/respect me enough to know I would never do anything that would cause her to get hurt.

Work, Work, Work...I love it but I hope I have the patience for patience is a virtue that I have little of.

I need more hours in the day...time to work to make a living, time to keep a Martha Stewart house, time to be mother of the year, and time to be a good friend, time to be the wife of my husbands well as time to be me.

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  1. Time, yes I understand.
    Good Job on the bit and she will get better, the more you expose her to the better.
    If you do figure out how to squeeze more hours from each day please let me know