Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm a big girl now....kinda

Thanks to Cody at was my insperation for today's trip to the barn...if a wild mustang can have a bridle and a saddle pad put on then most certainly Ms. G can too. I think I was being too timid with her. Getting nervous and thus passing my nervousness on to her.

So the goal at the barn today was to get the bridle on and to get the bareback pad on. Well....
and a close up....of my girl...

I think the bit is too big. She sure did mouth it alot but I guess that's to be expected...and here is my big girl with the....
Bareback pad on..she did this without even blinking an eye. She may have been more distracted with the bit but she handled it like a trooper, she surprises me everyday.

Don't you think she is going to be so super star gorgeous when she grows up.

I really want to thank Cody for inspiring me today.

I had a great day at the barn it was so nice outside...I can't wait till spring...

oh and here is a pic of "look how far I can stretch mom, now will you take this damn thing out of my mouth?"


  1. Yay! Good for you!

    Love the new pic up top, too. Much prettier.

  2. She looks simply smashing in her bridle and bareback pad! Yeah, Cody was mouthing it a lot too, I posted the one picture I had with his mouth somewhat shut! But I took it off and put it back on again and he took the bit back so I figured it couldn't have been too traumatic of an experience :) Your mare is beautiful :) Don't you just love being owned by a horse?

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
    i am so proud of you!