Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally...some work.

Last night I made it out to the barn for first time in about 3 weeks. I went in with the battle gear on and ready for a long night.

As I walked in I saw the beast with her head sticking out of the Stall window...challenging me, taunting me. So I grabbed the weapons...PP halter, lead rope and the sword of Gandolf (whip). For some reason the barn owner doesn't think that I can take Gracie's blanket off myself so she took her blanket off for me (again not quite sure why but....) And her halter is magically on (againI think barn owner did this ) But anyway....I took her out and there was a small battle of who would leave the stall first but of course I won...with a little patience training thrown in.

So the dreaded side tie...was nothing...She stood like a pro. Okay not a pro she still was a little figidity but she didn't break a tie or threaten to pull back. This was huge for me. I was so pleased. So grooming was next...her coat just shines like a copper penny. It almost looks sparkly... it really is amazing. She let me pick her feet no issues...again I was a little worried just because she hasn't been handled in a while but she acted like it was old hat.

So off we went to the round pen. I was a little concerned about her attention span because BBFF and Star were haveing a meeting of the minds in the arena over the Scary blue barrels...but Gracie shocked me yet again..not having regressed at all over lunging on line or free. Then we started working on flexing and moving her hind quarters independently. Then we moved to her front end. She did great. I was so proud of her. She looks amazing and is retaining the things she's been taught. I fell in love all over again. It's a great way to start the new year.


  1. You are awesome!

    Think Big picture and take it one day at a time.

  2. That's great! Sometimes they just have a bad day (week, month, year . . . ).