Friday, February 27, 2009

So I love our barn but...

Sometimes I wonder....For a barn with only 3 boarded horses the arena sure can get full fast! And it's a huge arena.

This is what it felt like.......see pic.

So many chiefs too..'I wouldn't do that'...'I would do it this way'. Horses everywhere. And don't get me wrong I like kids I even have a couple. But its no fun when you have an agenda and the kids are just wandering around with no plan really just wandering.

And if your horse doesn't want to do the damn bridge don't force it...walk away and come back to it.

But my sweet pony did great even with all the craziness. She stayed focused on me which is all I can ask for.

We worked on standing by the mounting block...Grace is almost 16h and I am a bitty 5/4 so she's gonna have to get used to it as some point. We also worked the bridge last night super fun She did great.

Heading out to the barn again tonight I'll try and get some blog posts with pics.

BBFF is bringing me some STARBUCKS...can you say rockstar!


  1. amen sister amen...

    Sorry about last night, we went to Edgefield, the movie 7 pounds is SAD!

  2. The barn I use to ride at felt like that at times. I was there for quite awhile, so I learned when the quiet times were and I was able to go and ride during those times. I know not everyone has the luxury of doing that. I use to always dread summer vacation because you never knew when the arena would be full. Lesson times changed. People called and scheduled lessons at times when their weren't usually lessons. Summer time was always a gamble.

  3. Oh my gosh, at my last barn, the teenagers would just sit in our TINY arena on their horses and talk or listen to iPods or whatever. There would be five of them and half the time they wouldn't even sit in the middle, they would sit on the wall. I feel your pain. Where do the people come from? Haul-ins? 4-H? OHSET?