Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random things...a'la Facebook

I was tagged on Facebook and thought I would post my random 25 things about me here too...

1. I was named after a character on the soap opera General Hospital.
2. I am prematurely Grey I blame my ex husband.
3. I am too lazy to color often enough for everyone not to know about #2.
4. For my 35th birthday I took the motorcycle safety Foundation class and got my endorsement.
5. I haven't once used my endorsement although I think chicks on bikes are HOT.
6. I have kissed a girl, and my husband liked it.
7. I can't believe I have 3 kids. (only one was planned, you'd think I would have figured it out)
8. I met my husband at a party, I wasn't going to go to but decided "What the hell" at the last minute. It changed my life.
9. I hate confrontation. And will mostly avoid it at all costs. NOT.
10. I am addicted to Reality shows. I've seen every season of the Real World EVERY ONE.
11. I have to watch Scary Movies during the day.
12. I have serious trust issues. My husband is curing me of that.
13. I go to work to socialize.
14. I dream of winning the lottery.
15. Since it's the SuperBowl today I'll tell ya'll this. I only watch for the commercials.
16. I like to think I have a lot of friends. But my Husband is truly my best Friend.
17. I'm a smoker. And I hide it from my kids.
18. Joel and I haven't been on our honeymoon yet.
19. I had not been in contact with anyone from HS until I landed on FB.
20. I have a cowboy boot addiction as well. (I'm starting to think I need Rehab)
21. I wish I was clever and could think of some really great things to tell you.
22. I never stayed at one school longer than a year until I hit CHS.
23. I'm deathly afraid of sharks.
24. I believe in reincarnation. (I was an Indian princess in a past life, what were you?)
25. I love the line in The Empire Strikes Back when Han solo is getting freeze dried and P. Leia says - "I love you" and Han says "I know" Makes me laugh every time!!!

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