Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lions ,Tigers or Bears...oh my, or just the barn dog.

So tonight was another night of my version of Slow the F down games with Gracie.

Cluck, Walk - point

And Hallelujah she did it. Slow walk from the first send off

Cluck, Walk - point other direction, wiggle the stick a bit...and off she went nice calm walk...crazy.

Who is this horse, and where is my psycho pony.

Oh wait what was that over there in the dark abyss outside of the arena....Oh God...freak out to the left...forget mom is here.... Freak out to the right....Snort... oh here she is......psycho pony has returned....all due to not a lion, tiger or a bear but just Tyson one of the barn dogs hunting rabbits I'm sure.

So after about a half hour of trying to get her back to focusing on me and then some more walking between barrels...emphasis on walking....we called it a night. I was just glad to have her go to the edge and be able to come back and focus on me.

I left her blanket off tonight because the weather is supposed to be so nice tomorrow. I hope she's not to chilly overnight.

I've decided that I have got to get out to the barn at least every other night and play with her. I guess a kind of Parelli but not really...I have had a great time with my horse the last couple of nights and just watching her progress just with the little bit we are doing is so addictive!

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  1. Brig turns into an SOB if he isn't worked regularly. It happens.

    Also, just a long-shot, maybe try something like Quiessence? Remission? SmartCalm? Something like that may help with the spookiness, lack of attention, etc. Or may not and it's just the way she's gonna be.