Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is she smoking and where can I get some?

So I went to the barn tonight and got home and checked my Facebook page and found this craziness written on my Wall (homepage type thing) from some cuckoo trainer...

'I invite you into my world of Bridless riding. No saddle. No bridle. just love . Join me. Beautiful honor & respect I send to you. thank you for friendship... I hope the time you spend with me in my beautiful world will not only benefit you, but also all those, both horse and human for the rest of your life ..... . If you are ... Read Morelooking for something more in the world ........ if you know it’s out there somewhere ....... If you are ready to go there with your horse ...... join me and let the magic begin'

This was a note written by someone that must be high. ARE you kidding me. She must be high right? Seriously. Who writes this stuff. Obviously she has never met a high strung A-rab mare like Grace.

Good God. I am speechless.

Anyhoo on good note Grace and I had a good night tonight..

What did I learn? My horse has one Speed on a long line. FAST and out of control. So we are working on moving forward slow and calm. By the end of our session my arms are tired and Grace has figured out that walking isn't so bad. I also learned that EVEN Grace can have a blanket that goes over her head and she won't kill me and the blanket won't kill her.

So here's to a good night at the barn.

Oh one more thing....She still takes my breath away...she is probably the prettiest horse I have ever seen. Feminine and just really well put together. Tooting her horn..Toot Toot!


  1. LOL LOL ya she is definatly smoking something, just wierd LOL LOL

  2. Dear Sara,
    Where is the magic? I must be missing the magic because, my horse acts like a horse and not a harlequin romance LOVER. yuck.

    OMG, she is on meth