Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long time no post...

Hi all...

If anyone is still out there my old laptop was no fun to type on as it died when I moved it and my dear sweet husband let me buy a new one just this past's ubber fantastic and I can actually type and not worry about losing everything I was typing if I moved the computer wrong...but anyhoo..

I have a mystery..Sunday morning Gracie had all of her hair...Sunday night at feeding the BO noticed that she was missing a two inch by two inch patch of hair on her flank..I was finally able to get out to the barn tonight and take a's very strange. It's like she had a burn or something. It looks like it's healing well...(it was just raw looking I guess on Sunday not bleeding or anything) so tonight I want to say it's crusted over but not with puss or anything like that just like a thin dry scab. Her skin seems really dry so I'm going to try a supplement maybe some flax seed oil or something.

Okay on to our night tonight...the BO's have put up a death trap contraption that looks like a wood frame of a swing set with black car wash noodles attached to the middle of  it...and Gracie did good with going through.  Granted it took a little bit to get her through but she did great.  Then BBFF worked with Gracie and the pokie stick from hell.  You know the one, the one with the plastic baggy attached.  She was freakish at first but BBFF had a great technique and after about 20 mins...she settled down a bit but the Baggie of death never did win her over...but she tolorated it.  

I hope all of you are still out there and doing well!


  1. Welcome back! My Boo has a mystery patch too. His is just below his hock. I don't think the hair is ever going to grow back and I don't see how that happened without my noticing it before.

  2. Hi Wilsonc....glad to see someone is still reading after my break! I'm still looking into it. It's a crazy doesn't seem to be getting worse and is healing. I'm crossing my fingers it's not serious.

  3. It looks weirdly suspicious..


    Some sort of weird eczema?