Saturday, December 20, 2008

Staying young...Snow Bunny Style

The last three nights we have been midnight sledding with our Awesome neighbors! Schnapps does wonders for the cold..and makes you feel 8 again. Liquid courage is an amazing thing. I think I did bruise my tailbone though...those man made jumps are killers.

Last night we waxed up the sleds...plastic bags and I think a kiddie pool was discussed but was left in the garage. Our street turns into an 45degree ice rink...SWEEEET!!

As I write this we are still getting pounded with snow...I think we are close to a foot total now..and we are getting drifts now because the wind has picked up. It's a good thing that I adore spending time with my sweetie and our baby. I do still have some shopping to do but I'm not heading out in this mess. I'm afraid to drive in the snow and I have watched our neighbors struggle to get out and quite a few of them have slipped and fallen in the road. So if you are out and about please be careful!!!

1 comment:

  1. OMg that sounds like so much fun!
    I wish I lived closer.Our neighbors are lame...

    Tonight is Beef Stroganoff and Chocolate cake.
    We went to Freddies and wow it was crazy !