Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Since I'm not able to get to the barn...

I'm sitting here watching the finale of the Biggest Loser while eating some cookies that were made by my ex-husband's wife that were meant for CJ's teacher, but there is no school tomorrow because there "might" be snow....thinking about the things that I'm going to do when I hit the barn next. And depending on the weather that may be a week or so from now so I'll have plenty of time to dream up all sorts of tortuous things for Gracie to do.

Things to do next time I'm at the barn..

1. Figure out how to get a bit in Gracies mouth. It's time.
2. Get some purty pictures for her new blog.
3. See my BBFF...haven't seen her in a week because of the nasty "Arctic Blast 2008"
4. Get caught up on all the barn gossip..

Okay so I guess I should introduce the players on this blog.

The STAR of the Blog - Light Affire aka Gracie

Lovable, gorgeous 2 1/2 year old National Show horse..registered half Arabian. She's BEAUTIFUL and she knows it.


Mom of 3, wife to my best friend, fur mom to 2 cats and a dog (I'm sure you'll hear about all of the above at some point)

STAR -BBFF to Grace

Long story but without Star I wouldn't have Gracie..someday when I have more time I'll post the story..it's really interesting.

And you'll hear allot about my BBFF Star's mom....but I won't post a pic until I get the okay from her...

Oh and I can't forget to add my husband..non horsey person who supports my love affair with a furry 1000 lb four legged creature..Thanks babe Oh and here is a pic of him...hubba hubba

So now you know.....I'll post more pics of fur babies and real babies..soon. I hope make comments stop by when you can and enjoy my fumbles...

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