Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grace the FREEAAK!!

Okay I guess it's back to basics for Gracie and I...she broke 2 side ties today..not just one but 2! Talk about awkward call to the Barn owners...She has never given me any trouble in the ties...she doesn't always like to stand still but hey she's a Arab...

here we go back to basics again. I wonder how much I'll owe the Barn owner...ugh..She's been couped up because of the weather and I haven't be able to get out to see her/work her in a week. It makes me feel very inadequate and maybe like I've bitten off more than I can chew with getting a youngster. She is an amazing horse and has so much potential. I need to do some more research and spend more time educating myself....

Any suggestions are always welcome...

Feeling beaten by a side tie or two.


  1. I am so sorry sugar pie :(
    Yes you may have have bitten off al ot more than you can chew. But DUH! So did I with Star and look have super fab she is now!

    You'll get it dont worry!

  2. Oh much work...and I'll love every minute of it, if she doesn't kill me first.

  3. It's difficult to work with a young, intelligent, active horse when they haven't had any mental or physical exercise in a long time. If my horse isn't ridden or worked with for longer than a few days, he's a MONSTER.

  4. Thanks Julie,

    I agree she's had a week off because of the weather and it looks like she's going to have a few more days off..Glad to see you checked out my new blog!

  5. Hello there, I popped on over from Julie's place with Brig.

    My mare is very claustriphobic and she would NOT stand in my stable cross ties without pulling all the way forward...she was very nervious.
    We have "Blocker Ties" at all and any tieing place in and around the barn. They do a nice job for the horse that tests the strength of a tie...m,ostly they release when tensions in the horse become hazardous..the rope will give. There are 3 ways of using them and I usually put my rope in one with a quick release to hold fast and the other will give if she freakks!...For my mare, it is a matter of attention and trust.
    She fidgets and gets riled up..I msut get her attention and respect..sometimes it means leaving and coming back(Training time happens and your plans, may not) she sometimes will stand without any tie at all Like most all other horses that are in my barn. But, she is not like them...and I msut be aware of this.
    try a blocker and also "bore her with the deatils"... of coming and going, backing and yielding and doing all kinds of other things so to stand there is a relief!!

  6. KK, thanks for the comment. Grace and I are still working on respect. She has bonded with me but she has no confidence in herself or me at this point. We are working on both.

    Looks like it might be a few days before we can get a work out in because of the weather. How are your horses holding up?