Monday, December 22, 2008

Epic snow fall....Random pics..

Since I have nothing to post regarding Gracie because of the weather I'll post some pics of the 2 FEET (I am not telling fish stories) of snow that we have. They say we haven't seen a storm like this n 40 years... We have so much snow that, I am not sh*tting you, snow mobiles were filling up a the gas station in town...check it out...
Okay I know this pic is far away but we were moving and I forgot to use the zoom...see the little thing in the inside gas pump...yes those are gas's a friggin' snow that legal. BBFF this was in G-Town up by Billy Bob's. Insane...

Okay here s a pic of my back porch..we have patio furniture somewhere under the snow...
Here is our chicken that lives in a Dog suit. She was skeered when the power went out and had this is where she landed....we are so getting a Rottweiler. Oh and Abby (the chickendog) is doing her yoda impersonation in ths pic..she is multi talented..all useless talents but talented none the less.


  1. I think I might trek out tonight.

    I will come pick you up if we do.

  2. They are out of shavings and beet pulp.
    I have to bring some in.