Monday, May 2, 2011

She's versatile!

Grace is an all around pony....Last weekend it was English Sport Horse Under Saddle at an Arabian Breed Show.

This weekend it was a great trail ride with some old and new friends.
There were 8 of us that left for the trail ride on Sunday. The weather was Amazing and we just headed off out the pasture and up to some groomed trails in the middle of a Christmas Tree Farm.
Grace was EXCITED. Trail riding is one of her favorite things to do. But she was a little more excited than I would have liked her to be. She just WOULD NOT relax and enjoy the ride. Maybe it was me. I may have been a little tense as it was our first Ride out this season and I guess I take as long to warm up and relax as she does but all in all it was a beautiful day and we all came home safe so it was a WIN/WIN.

Next weekend is another show weekend. Grace and I are doing our 'Western Pleasure' thing. Sparkly belts, shirts a my new cowboy hat. My horse can do anything. She is amazing! My's to more beautiful weekends riding with friends! Bring on Spring/Summer!

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