Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Breed Show!!! Results are in..

Well we had our first BIG show and Grace did fabulously. She earned a 5th place ribbon in the Half Arab Sport Horse under saddle class. I was a little disappointed in her placing as she had a FABULOUS ride. I could not have asked for more. Her transitions were great and the guy sitting next to me even leaned over and said...'I think that pretty bay has this one won' I knew she didn't have it won as the judge could not keep her eyes off of a pretty pinto gelding. I knew that horse had it hands down. But I was extremely proud of Grace she handled herself so well.

Her second class on Friday night was the Half Arab Sport Horse Show Hack Class. This one was fun. Kim was all dressed in tails and a top hat and Grace had on a Dressage Saddle and looked Quite impressive. It was so dark in the Arena that I couldn't get a good picture of her.

There were two horses in the class and her compition was a national champion Show Hack horse and Rider (or at least the rider was and the horse was at least a level 2 Dressage horse)

So I wasn't sad about our second place ribbon.

Then last but not least our Half Arab Junior Horse Sport Horse under Saddle class....They held it in the outdoor arena so I was a little concerned, but I made sure she had a nice walk around to get her at least one look see before going into the class. She did GREAT. A better ride than Friday night in the open class.

And here is the result!

Our Next show is May 7th and Guess what? I will actually be riding....It will be a total Western Pleasure show for Grace so we have two weeks to work on our Jog and Lope. Should be lots of FUN!!

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