Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It was like going into a haunted house, or going to see a slasher movie, covering up your eyes but peaking through your fingers....Heart beating so fast because you know something terrifying is going to happen but being a little excited waiting for the moment when the Evil Clown jumps out of a closet or the stupid teen ager decided to go look for help alone when they know the insane asylum has lost a few of it's most dangerous of guests!!!

That's what it felt like when my trainer sent me this text "Your Going to Canter tonight". And I did. I have only cantered on Grace once before and we had a meeting of the heads.. she gave me a black eye.

So I have been doing some reading and decided the best way to do this was on the end of a lunge line. Like a 7 year old. But it worked. Here's how it went

K: Are you Ready
Me: uhhh
K: Take a deep breathe
Me: uhhh
K: Let it out
Me: uhhh
K: Kiss/Canter/whip

And off we went

It was not comfortable for me it was scary as hell, but I hear with practice it becomes second nature. So we are going to practice, practice, practice.

So I did not fall off, I did not get a black eye, and I felt like I had won the lottery after watching Nightmare on Elm Street (the original) in the dark alone.

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