Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gotta love this face....

Had a great ride tonight...this was Grace and I watching my oldest Daughter have her riding lesson tonight. I have to say it was great to go to the barn with her and see her enjoy riding as much as I did when I was her age! I hope she can sneak in some more time to come hang out with me at the barn!


  1. Lovely!
    She's so very gorgeous!

    Tell me about your bit ~

  2. Thanks! I thinks so, too!! Well the bit, I tend to stay away from talking about bits because everyone has an opinion..but since Grace was so naughty on our trail ride in her level 1 myler D ring, she had to use a loose ring twisted wire Snaffle for a couple of arena sessions.

  3. Hey, don't worry about mare has taught me to NOT JUDGE...she just lost her bitless privilege this week.

    " *mostly" comment, is next to get the write up on my blog.
    A nd after my friends unsavory dismount, resulting in a"life flight"to the hospital...she also is rethinking some training + bits to keep her safe!

    Yesterday, my sister re taught me the "race horse stop" she galloped them on the track, for a few years. You anchor one hand/with rein on the neck-literally-grabbing mane. With the other hand/rein , you do a series of -straight up- pulls. Always up, NOT out. And always short, strong pulls, giving the release..hopefully for the horse to also release its attitude of "I'm going to go" without your permission.

    This works well as it does not influence headset, and also, it does not pull the bit through the mouth...the anchored hand insurers that.
    I used it yesterday, as we tandem trotted-toward home-surefire for uppity reactions! Only had to do it twice!

    Hope you and the mare have a lovely weekend!...
    Do you know where"HARDY CREEK"is?