Monday, September 5, 2011

The New Barn....

GRACIE....Long time no post but I didn't really have a lot going on, but in the last week or so we've had some big Changes...

But First I have to show off my girl...

Yowzaaaa..... just breath taking

I think she is just turning into one HELL of a gorgeous Mare...

So here are the hay fields we ride in...acres and the background there...

Here is Ellie, this is Gracies half sister...they have the same sire.  Ellie is also as sweet as Grace!!

Here's Grace and I out for a stroll around the grounds after her bath tonight...

What a gorgeous evening for a lite snack...(not that she doesn't graze all day in her turn out)

Up this drive way is a trail to the upper hay fields...those will be our next adventure I think.  Some Sunset photos are in the near future.

So hopefully more blogging is in order!!  More adventures in Riding Yippeee!!

1 comment:

    Wondered where you and your mare- headed off to!
    Where did you move too??

    Glad you are well and that place looks stunningly peaceful!

    PS the embedded comment form i am unable to comment on-but - anonymous- If you change it to the POP-UP window form...I can comment normally...blogger at it's finest!