Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rode a wild pony...

Yesterday Grace was super HOT...she was so excited to go out and ride with the cows. I swear she's a QH in a NSH body. She had one eye on the longhorns the whole time we were in the pasture.

It was an interesting ride. Good for me and for her, I am super excited about getting her out and about this summer.

We rode out to the back pasture and were going to go to the pond but there was a huge flock of geese so we decided to not temp fate and have something crazy happen if they decided to take off.

I think she could easily be an endurance horse she definitely has the speed for it, if you could keep her focused and not too worried about what was happening in the peripheral and if I could grow a pair.

Anyway we had a girls ride today and it was a lot of fun. We talked about the NAET and who was interested. I hope they all decide to do it, I think it would be a blast.

So Grace and I are going to start working on the canter this week. I have yet to ride it. Again I need to just grow a pair and go with it. My how courage falters the older you get.

But we will do it!!!!


  1. Well hello there Heather!
    I am noticing I am on your blog roll...and maybe you were one that recently decided to "Follow/Lead/Share" over at my place! Thanks!
    Your Gracie is gorgeous! You keep saying, "You need to grow a pair"...are you talking wings?!
    Too cute!

    I will enjoy getting to know you by reading up!
    Thanks for the comment...sorry it was such a long post!

  2. Of Course you are on the blog roll yours is one of my favs! Total inspiration.

    And no it's not wings I need to grow but we both know what I need resides a little lower.

    Love your posts! All of them and the pics are to die for! When I grow up I want to be just like you! (okay I'm 37 but that's beside the point)

  3. haha! Well, If I'm grown got 11 years to go till you are!
    Okay...where is it that you reside?

  4. We are in Sandy, Or. the land of Christmas trees and Jacked up Pick-up Trucks!!