Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She'll be a rider...

I spoke to Grace's trainer today.  She has progressed so far already.

She was backed last week..Bareback.  She did Great!

She was saddled and backed today.  She did Great!

So tomorrow she will be saddled, backed and moved forward for her very first ride.  I plan on being there and taking tons and tons of pictures.  

I really can't believe how fast she is progressing...I guess I didn't know what to expect.  She really does love to work and has a great mind.   

I was also pleased to know that before she leaves the training barn I will get to ride her.  I have been waiting almost a year to ride this mare...and I CANNOT wait!

JP came out to give some support tonight.  I really appreciated it, she has been a great BBFF!!!

So tune in tomorrow for pictures from the Barn...

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