Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming home...

Well tomorrow is a big day for Grace and for me.

Grace is getting moved to her new home. Star is already there and waiting for her, they will be neighbors once again. Grace will get pasture turn out and I can't wait for her to be a horse more mud or sand turn out. Good ole' pasture and other mare friends for her! She will love it.

It's a big day for me because I will be taking on her training on my own. I mean I will have the BO there and I'm hoping to get her to take Grace out on the trails for me...just to see how she does.

But first things first...I need to get on her on my own with no help. I am actually very excited about this next step in our horse/rider relationship. She is a great horse and has a lot to learn probably as much as I do. I don't want to undo all the work Stacey put on her. Cross your fingers for me! I'll be reading constantly!!!

I moved my things out of Cedar Creek Stables yesterday. It was bittersweet...CC was a great barn with great owners. Probably the first barn I've felt welcomed at and loved the facility (with a few exceptions, turnout, trails you know the fantastic perks at ER) So if you need a great barn with a great arena CC is the place to be!!!

Vacation is almost over and it will be back to the work grind. My step-daughter is here from Vegas and we have a full house....the barn is my quiet place. (right now the kids are screaming at each other why can't they listen...and just get along)

More tomorrow after the move....Ernst Ranch here we come!

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