Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I DID IT!!! Still can't believe it.

I rode Grace tonight...I know it looks like I'm just sitting on her but I swear I rode her around the arena just ask BBFF she was there! It couldn't have been better, the tiny training saddle was perfect, the dusty old arena was perfect...everything was perfect! Okay I could be thinner and these pics are total motivation to drop the weight so that I don't kill my pony..but for those 15 minutes I was KING OF THE WORLD!!

I was so excited Stacey had to keep reminding me to breathe...It wasn't because I was scared or nervous it was because I was EXHILARATED!! It was an amazing moment for me. A dream I've had since I brought her home.

She hasn't yet offered to buck or show any signs that she isn't willing to work or accept a rider.

Truly amazing. Tonight was only her second time with a rider. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be on her back.

Oh and I almost forgot..When Stacey was riding her she got her up into a trot..just like that. Like she's been doing it for YEARS!

What an amazing night!

P.S Thanks JP (the best BBFF ever) for taking the pics and for being there for our first of may rides together!!


  1. Hooray!!! Congratulations and good on you! What a lovely horse.

  2. So awesome ! It seems like yesterday we were driving to go look at her !

    Im so excited for Summer!