Friday, June 19, 2009

Dreams of Inside Rein, Outside Leg....

I've had two super amazing lessons on Grace this week. She is AMAZING...but I'm learning to ride all over again. No neck reining..learning to Really use my legs and hands together. Patience..and repetition.

Our lesson starts with me just getting in the saddle...bend right, bend left...(let me tell you my horse is flexible it's insane) then we are off...She is trotting well on command and seems to really enjoy the work.

I can tell you that I have been on some horses that I just always feel tense on. I have not once gotten that feeling from Grace. Trust me I do not have a false sense of security I know she is green and I can appreciate though how easy it is to teach her something new and how accepting she is.

Basics I'll need to remember for my green horse...

Inside Rein, kept level with the horn, do not pull down...

Outside leg...light pressure for turning (with inside rein)

"Whoa", sit back, pull back reins, light heel pressure = stop and two to three steps back.

So much technique when teaching a greenie....and I love every minute of it..All of the basics that you forget when you ride a seasoned horse. Oh and did I mention how sore I am. Not riding for a year means that you have to remind your muscles what they are supposed to do!

Looking forward to my next ride on MY horse!

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