Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How JoJo became Grace...

I was reading "A GOOD HORSE" blog and she asked about how your horse got its name...Well lets just say that I went through a list of names...

Her Registered name is Light Affire, and her barn name when I picked her up was JoJo (made me want to stop by the deli).  I knew instantly I wanted to change her just didn't fit or flow when you said it.   

So at first I was trying so hard to come up with something related to Fire. Cinder was very high on my list...actually it was her name for about a week...but it just didn't stick.  

I tried all sorts of names but most fire related names are pretty masculine.  Smokey, Coal you know all of the usuals..and I tried to get creative but it just wasn't working for me.

So one day at Publish Postthe barn while we were working on using a lead she was being especially clumsy and I used a quote my Mom used to say to me when she tripped over her own feet for the umpteenth time..."Way to Go Grace" and it was like a light bulb went off.  Gracie was fit her then and it will fit her when she grows up and is full of Grace.  Elegant and Feminine...that is my Grace...

How did your pony's get their names..did you change a name...did you stick to their given names?  I'd love to hear how you choose the names of your horses.


  1. Yep, I like Gracie way better than JoJo, too! Isn't it funny how these things kind of just come to you and it's like an, 'Ah-ha!" moment! Thanks for sharing your naming story!

  2. Star came with her name. But as you know her registered name SUCKED.
    So I changed it to Sierras Only Star as Star was her Dams only ever foal.

    I think it fits.

  3. My horses registered name is I B Jackson. He's an AngloArab. His mama is I B Jacks. So when I got Jackson he had always been called Jackson and the name fits him so well, it didn't occur to me for one minute to change it. The I B part is hokey but when you think about the names some horses get saddled with.... well.... I just got lucky. I would change a name in a heartbeat if i looked at my new horse and thought 'NO WAY."