Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super 14 might be the solution...maybe

So we have witness to my pony biting at herself....literally freaking out ears pinned and biting herself.  

I think she is super itchy..I took her off of Super 14 about a month and a half ago.  I put her on it last summer to help her dry skin and when I ran out the last time I just figured it was winter and she didn't really need the extra supplement.  I did the math and it seems her dry flaky skin started back up again after her last took a little but you can sure see a difference in her coat.  The pic up above is this winter when she was taking it daily and you can see how shiny and smooth her coat was...

I'm also thinking of putting her on a daily wormer to see if that helps.  As one of suggestions was worms...she doesn't have a wormy belly but you just never know.  

She did great on her ground work tonight...she walked the bridge (the long way, not cheating over the middle) without much of a fuss.  She was in a really good, affectionate mood.

So we are going to move to the long lines within the next week.  Wish us luck. 

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