Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet the neighbors!

Meet some of Gracie's is Kenya and Teddy.  Kenya's (the seal brown pony) mom is training her to be a trail horse.  She bought her for a song..she's the granddaughter of the famous Zips Chocolate Chip. Pleasure horse that looks like a halter horse..sweet sweet girl who has come a long way...

The sweet looking paint is Teddy.  Our BO leases him as her riding horse, he is trained to the hilt and is soo pretty to watch move.  BO has quite a few horses but none that she can ride, so Teddy was lucky enough to come to the barn and spend some time with us..

And meet the newest member of the Barn family...this little cutie is Honey.  Her mommy went a month overdue with this peach!  She is Mustang/QH.  One of the prettiest red dun babies I have ever seen.  She is just so pretty and super friendly.   Makes you almost want to have one...but then you remember how long it takes for them to grow up!!
And last but not least I had to throw in a picture of my sweet girl.  She leaves for Kindergarten a week from Tues.  It's very scary to send your pony off to school, she'll still be close but she will be away from her BBFF for the first time since I've owned her and I tend to giver her emotions that she most likely doesn't really have, but I still worry about her being a happy adjusted horse.  
I hope she's a fast learner as I'm only putting 30 days on her right now.  So if everyone would cross your fingers and toes that she is a good girl and learns lots of good "useful" things.  That would be great. 

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