Sunday, March 20, 2011

My God has it really been since Sept..

Has it been since Sept that I have posted on this blog..I was bugging JP about her blog and realized I really have no room to be giving her a hard time. So much has happened since Sept.

Gracie is getting ready for her first Breed show. It's the AIM sport horse show. She'll be riding in 3 classes. 2 Hunter under saddle classes and 1 show hack.

She had her first ride tonight in a double bridle (Full Bridle) and she looked amazing. She still takes my breathe away. I should have taken pics but I was so fascinated with her that I completely forgot.

She has transitioned out of a snaffle and is riding in a shank for western. She actually looks really cute. At least cute enough for open shows...I have a goal to win at least one ribbon this year in a Walk/Trot/Canter class...

In June there are a couple of open shows that we are hoping to compete for High Point. Things are really coming together. Super busy show schedule this year.

The Picture above is from our first show this year my friend Kim rides her English (and will be riding at AIM) She had a second and a third placing at this show.

I hope all is well out in blogger land....I promise myself I will keep up more as I really want a diary of Gracie's progress. Boy has she come a long way!