Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grace-y Goes to the Dentist.

If Gracie could talk this is what she would have sounded like after Dr. Ron was done with her.

Poor baby tells me when she needs to have her teeth looked at. She puts up a minor fight with the bridling. It comes from nowhere. One day she bridles fine the next she is all high headed and will back up eventually giving in...she's fine once the bridle is in. She's pretty good at expressing herself.

She had 6 ulcers on each side of her poor mouth. She's been needing a float about every 6 to 8 mths. I hope this goes down to at least once a year soon.

She's very expressive about other things as well, she hates back straps on her blanket and isn't fond of getting her hooves picked out, but she loves her grain, and kickin' up her heals on a sunny days.

Anyhoo, she had yesterday off and will be back to work tomorrow.

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