Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grace and her imitation of Silver

So Thursday night Kim was going to ride Grace she was tacked up and ready to go. The weather was COLD 36 degree about. Kim hopped on and did a lap around the arena and right away I could tell it was going to be interesting.

Grace was extra spooky. Spooking at the gates and at the tractor at the cows at all the things she's seen a million times. Kim asked her for a trot and came around the corner and my girl bucked...I have never in her riding career seen Grace buck with a rider. She would not relax about the 6th time around the arena she spooked again Kim pushed her forward and UP she went. Doing her very best unwanted impression of Silver....

We checked her for saddle pain or back pain. But I think her teeth were still tender from her visit from the dentist.

Kim rode her Friday morning and she was fine.

I have never seen my Sweet, Sweet Mare behave this way. Totally out of character for her.

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